Perreira Properties

Welcome to Perreira Properties! Affordable student housing in Chapel Hill!
$525/room With utilities Highspeed internet incl!

We have been renting student-friendly condos in Chapel Hill since 2005!

No application fees! No administration fees! No reference checking fees!

Because we know that students do not want to be bothered with things 
like utility bills, finding parking spaces, or long complicated treks to 
campus, we try to help. All utilities, and high-speed (50 Mb/s) 
internet are included in the rent of $1800/month for 4 people 
($450/mo/person). We (the owner) also provide one parking space per 

Since moving furniture is a real pain, we provide as much as we can. The 
living room and dining room are completely furnished, you just bring 
what your need for your own bedroom. Sometimes students leave behind 
useful stuff, which are inherited on a first-come first-served basis

One policy you may like is that we NEVER raise rents on our residents. 
If you start with us at one rent, the rent stays the same as long as you 
continue to rent from me. I have had renters who were paying the same 
15 years after they moved in.

You also have responsibilities. The units are smoke-free. Please do not 
smoke inside. They are also pet-free. Sorry, that is a condo-wide 

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